If dear reader you have stumbled upon this humble blog may I bid you welcome and explain a little bit of the intentions behind it as far as there are any.

I suppose I should start by saying I am one of life’s drifters. I have done history degrees, Law degrees , English language teaching degrees and have muddled though life without ever really finding a niche for myself. I suppose this is because I get bored easily if I have no new intellectual stimuli and loathe routine. On the other hand it means that I have picked up a wide range of interests which I frequently discourse (rant) upon on the net at large. Facebook friends, buddies on various forums and those on the twitter sphere have had to put up with my opinions on everything from politics to literature to legal/ human rights issues to motoring, travel and music.

I am also an obsessive diary/journal keeper to the extent that I am rapidly running out of space for the various ledgers and books that I have scattered about the place. Maybe if one was to put one’s thoughts in electronic form on the web, it would save box/shelf space if nothing else? It is for these reasons that I have long thought about starting a blog. I suppose I have asked myself the questions all would be bloggers ask at some point: who will read my stuff, is what I have to say relevant and is it worth the time and effort to maintain? Couple this with a nature that combines huge self criticism with low self esteem. It is for those reasons that I have held back until now. On the positive side I have received good feedback from people out there who really do believe that I have something useful to say. They may not always agree with it but feel that I make interesting points in an individualistic (is that polite for eccentric?) way and have encouraged me to take the plunge and start up a blog and so here it is. I hope to use this space to find my feet, talk about areas that interest me and hopefully will interest you too. Failing that at least the the writing of it will enable me to get things off my chest which will be a form of existentialist self help if nothing else.

Welcome if you have stopped  by anyway 😉

Brought to you form here surrounded by  a sea of random written detritus

Brought to you form here surrounded by a sea of random written detritus


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